Dr. Harris Speaks!

After a bit of a hiatus, Dr. Kurt Harris has made a series of several posts on his blog, “Archevore”. The first in the recent series describes an overhaul he has made to his diet.

Dr. Harris’s blog sometimes leans on the technical side, but his Archevore diet is laid out in terms that anyone can understand. If you want to know all the detailed “why’s” behind his dietary recommendations, as explained in his blog posts, you may need a bit of a science background, or at least a few articles from¬†Wikipedia to guide your reading. After all, this diet thing isn’t exactly simple to figure out.

The Actual Fitness dietary framework, which will be laid out in the near future, will resemble the Archevore diet in many respects, particularly its rejection of sugars, seed oils, and gluten grains (wheat), collectively called the “Neolithic Agents of Disease”; and its embracing of animal fats and proteins. Subscribe (with the button to the right) to see the diet as soon as it is posted!

In the meantime, which of Dr. Harris’s Steps do you think are the easiest to implement? And which Are the hardest? Do you have any tips for following any of them?